Saturday, October 14, 2006

Singing Fool

So, just this morning someone compared one of my blogs to the Madonna Ray of Light video and I had a hard time finding the video to view online. Well, I found it, but it wouldn't play. Then I found it for SALE and I BOUGHT it and it STILL wouldn't play.

Then I found Check out over 11,500 music videos! It was so easy to find the video I was looking for, it played, and it gave me the code. Within minutes, I had the video on my myspace page. (Or is it myspace page? I dunno.) At any rate, I felt compelled to share this information. There is a huge selection and it's very easy to use.

Using you can:

1. search and save video from library plus YouTube’s 6million videos.
2. create playlists.
4. get video codes.
5. Upload your own music videos

We are a bunch of singing fools in our house, so I'm sure we'll be visiting this site again.


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