Friday, October 20, 2006

Just Go Do It

Well, it seems I may have gotten whatever Zane had. Ugh. I've been down for most of the day. And all night. At least at night, it's nice when you're sick and your kid wakes you to nurse like 4 or 5 times. Oh wait, that's not so nice. I finally broke down and took some meds and am feeling a little bit better.

Was funny--I wanted to take a bath, but not with Zane and Zane is obsessed with baths. But he was upstairs with Kevin. I said it to my mom. And she said, "Well, just go do it."

Just go do it. What an idea. Just go do something for myself. I did. It was nice. Sometimes those moms know what they are talking about. The whole family has been really great today about keeping Zane occupied so I could rest. Thanks folks.

We had a nice night last night for my mom's bday. I should have some pics around here somewhere, but I have to find 'em. The probably ended up on Kevin's computer. Maybe later. :)


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