Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Ok, so I haven't been big into biking in the past. But I do need some exercise and I do like majorly cute things. Check out these Beach cruisers. So cute. And you don't have live at the beach to have one! Although Zane would love to live at the beach--he says that's where he wants to go every time we get in the car.

This beauty is the Firmstrong URBAN CLASSIC LADY Beach Cruiser. It also comes in pink, red, green, purple, and vanilla. I think I'm in love. They also have other models for women, and models for men and kids.

This Firmstrong Urban Delux Chopper Cruiser is pretty cool, too:

Looks like a bad boy might ride it. Vroom vroom.

The prices are pretty reasonable and the bikes are said to offer a relaxing and comfortable ride. That sounds good to me!


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