Friday, October 27, 2006

When You Think You Know Where Something Belongs, Maybe You Do

Just a couple of little anecdotes here. You know when you just have a feeling about something?

A friend of mine believes that if something of hers looks really good on someone else, or they particularly love it, and it's not her fave, she should give it to them. (Was that a terrible run-on? Good Lord, I hope Mrs. Rohde isn't reading this! I think it might have been ok grammatically, just long.) Well, I once tried on a pair of her sunglasses and they looked smashing on me. Funny word choice, that. She was torn, because she liked them. I really didn't know her that well at the time to know what was going on in her mind. She kept the shades. She broke them the next day and told me her story afterward.

On the flip side, last week I bought two bouquets: one for my mom's birthday and one for a friend's homecoming. The one for my mom's birthday was pink and would really only look good in her room, but she wanted to keep them out for her birthday dinner. The bouquet for my friend's homecoming was a color that accidentally looked glorious in our dining room. They felt like they belonged. But I bought them for my friend. So, I took the flowers to her house and left them with her housesitter, only to find out later that her trip home had been postponed a number of days and the flowers were most likely dead by the time she arrived.

Go with your gut about where things belong.


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