Friday, October 27, 2006

A Weightloss Paradox

Allright, so even though I broke the scale, I can TELL I've lost. One thing that saddens me just a bit (in so many ways) is my belly. It has really held the baby weight. But, it makes sense to me that we would have been designed this way, when baby is both in and out. When they're in...I imagine it's nice to have a little extra padding to cushion from little bumps or worse on the outside. And when they're out, well, Zane just loves to lay his head on my little "bowlful of jelly".

Knowing that I am mostly likely a more comfortable landing pad for my sweet babe has made this extra poundage more bearable. I feel a little bit for him as I get "less comfortable", but I guess I'll just have to put a pillow on my rock-hard abs for him (when they arrive). ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha hah... (not really going for rock-hard here--reasonably less bumpy is the plan for now. I don't even dare hope for flat.)


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