Monday, October 23, 2006

Costumes for after the trick or treaters have gone home

Well, it's costume time of year. But I'm talking about costumes for adults only. The ones that come from a lingerie store.

So, this is at least a PG-13 post. Caspian, if you ever get online and to my blog, don't read this. Hmmm...I wonder if I can have Kevin block this website. Have to make mental note. Dad and Tim, skip this one. Any family members, just move right along.

Anyway, thought these might be kind of fun for the adults in the audience:

First, we have a your typical Halloween costume. I believe there's always room for the basics.

But, as you look a little further, you find some things that are a little more interesting. Take this nurse, for example. Updated, yet still sexy. Nice. Ladies, I'm sure this costume will have your men saying "clear" to everything else on their agenda.

The little plaid skirt. Every man's fantasy. I think that's all that's necessary to say. This one does, however, have a nice updated feel to it. I will not even go to the puns I could from there.

If you're into the exotic, I think this little Japanese Doll costume is quite nice.

Ok, this was kinda fun. Maybe I should do more fashion blogging.

Have a good time, folks, and be safe!


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