Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Elbow Obsession

The other night, Zane pointed to my elbow and very clearly said, "elbow". I was impressed, because I had no idea he knew this word. It's just funny when your child, who you are with almost ALL of the time, knows something you didn't know he knew.

Now, he's really into elbows. Pointing at mine, "Elbow." Pointing at my other one, "Elbow." Pointing at his, "Elbow. Elbow." It's cute. He's doing this in bed at night. He's also recently into signing "daddy" and "mommy" while lying in bed. It's nice, because it really took him a while to be able to sign "mommy." It's on the chin, and he never could quite figure that out. Most chin signs just sorta float around his body, but not anymore!


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