Monday, October 16, 2006

What's in a name?

Zane is finally starting to say his own name! It's so exciting. For a long time, when asked, "What's your name?" he would think for a moment, and say something like "Mommy" or "bear". I would tell him, "I don't remember naming you 'Mommy'" which he didn't seem to understand. Babies.

Tonight, in bed, he had to have Caspian's Snoopy stuffed animal (who he calls "who'-knee") and his baby. Then, he set about pointing to everything in bed and naming it. "Mommy, hooney, baby." "Mommy, hooney, baby." This went on for a while.

Finally, I pointed to him and said, "And who is this?"

"Zane!" (he has a little bit of a hard time with the Z still)

I said, "My sweet Zane."

And he said, "Hi!"


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