Thursday, October 26, 2006

Keep You Safe

We all have important documents we need to have access to, especially in cases of emergency. Here is a service that I find interesting: an Online Safe Deposit Box. It runs on the same idea of a regular safe deposit box, but not only is it accessible in the case that something should happen to your home, but also if you are away. This safe deposit box can be accessed online from anywhere, should you need it.

The site lists product features as follows:

"Secure & Encrypted
Certified by HS™
Worldwide Servers
Protected from Disasters
No Software to Install"

They do seem particularly interested in the ease of the site, so that even the non-Internet savvy can enjoy their service. Sign up is said to take only 30 seconds and is free for a year, with a small-sized "box". After the initial year, customers pay $3/month, but get a larger box.


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