Saturday, October 21, 2006

What Happened to Lazy Saturdays?

Well, I guess I haven't had any lazy Saturdays for a long time, since I used to work Tue-Saturday. It's business as usual for here, me blogging and working on other projects, Kevin upstairs working on an online store, and everyone watching out for little ZV.

Zane has taken to doing a lot of "cooking", mostly on a cabinet in the dining room. He opens it and closes it and bonks his head and needs kisses. It might not be the best system. And he is obsessed with picking out snacks and dishes from the the kitchen to the point where he is piteously crying and grasping my leg as I write because I won't let him in the kitchen right now. Luckily, his fits don't last long. He's a good boy.

My mom is helping with ZV as was Caspian, but now he's off playing vids and hanging with his friends. My mom doesn't usually play vids. She walks around picking up crumbs off the floor for fun. Or just because she is cleaner than we are.

Gotta go kiss Zane's bonked head...


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