Monday, October 30, 2006

Gnomes, Gnomes Everywhere!

Things were getting a little too heavy on my blog for me (ha ha--didn't even realize I've been posting about weigh in.) I decided I should share some wee magical folk to lighten the mood.

There is a fun new site featuring garden gnomes. They have a lot of fun information on different types of gnomes, including German garden gnomes and naughty gnomes. They even have a whole page on the Travelocity gnome. AND, they have an entire gnome picture gallery. How fun.

I do have one "roaming gnome" story of my own to share. One of my friends at my last workplace had little gnomes that she stuck all over the place. You just never knew where they were going to end up. I think that's part of the fun of the roaming gnome: Surprise! It's a cute little dude. They can really brighten your day.

I love it! Very informational site. It's fun to learn the history of this icon. And the site is attractive and easy to navigate as well.



Gnomeland said...

If you like this site then please have a look at a UK version. www.Gnomeland'it is packed with information and has the Worlds largest gnome picture gallery ever recorded and includes thousands of gnome art illustrations,news from around the world,shop infact everything you ever wanted to know about these adorable little Guys.

Jo said...

Gnomes are addictive!

I see you've caught the bug. Great write up!
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