Sunday, October 29, 2006

New Milestone: Gettin' Good with a Spoon

So, Zane has been obsessed with cups, bowls, spoons, and plates for a while. He has enjoyed pudding and yogurt with his spoon. And we have enjoyed cleaning up HUGE messes. However, we have started to notice that he is getting better. In general, we try to keep a spoon to feed him things like pudding and yogurt, but of course he says "Zane", meaning he wants to do it. Kevin noticed he was doing such a good job this week, that he just let him go for it.

He usually has Cheerios and fruit for breakfast. Today he wanted some of Caspian's frosted mini-wheats. I thought he needed milk soakin' for some food like that. So, I gave him a bowl of actual cereal with milk. And he did a pretty good job. We marked the occasion with photos!

(Now that Bedhead is over, we have more access to the camera! But go check out the Year of Bedhead. It's hi-larious.)


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