Monday, October 23, 2006

Office Space Contest

Heh heh...I love this. Offices2share is a great online resource to find short-term, ready to use office space. You can find office space or list office space.

Offices2share is currently running The Home Office From Hell contest. The contest is aimed at people who are currently unhappy in their home office space and would love to relocate to "real" office space. Since we do a lot of working from home, I can definitely see the appeal of this contest. The logo for the contest itself is worth clicking through--for some reason, I found it hilarious.

The site lists the Grand Prize as follows:

12 Months Rent in a Real Office (Maximum amount $12,000)

1 Dell Desktop Computer, 1 Dell Notebook Computer, 1 Dell Switch and Server (Approximate retail value $7,500)

Tuition For "The Entrepreneurship Mastery Program" at Trump University (Approximate retail value $2,500)

Trip to NYC and 2 night hotel stay (Maximum amount $2,000)

Lunch with George Ross and an autographed copy of his new book "Trump Style Negotiation"

Other prizes include a notebook computer, Trump University Audio tapes, and business books.

To enter, you have to come up with your top 10 reasons you need to move out of your Home Office from Hell. You can also include a video.


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