Saturday, October 28, 2006

Select-a-Size Rant

How about this new trend in paper towels: select-a-size? I can't stand it. I WANT to select-a-size: the STANDARD size they have been making paper towels since I've been alive. THAT is the size I would select. But it is very hard to find those anymore. And God forbid to find them without some total lame crap printed or written on them. I now have some semi-lame crap in my kitchen because it was difficult to decide between lame platitudes on my paper towels and paper towels that are either too small or too big with a perforation in the middle.

I would be all for select-a-size if the industry standard we had been using for decades were still readily available, but it hardly seems to be. Annoying.

Reminds me of another issue I've had for years: concentrated dish soap. Again, great, go for it, but for God's sakes, make some nonconcentrated as well! This is at the same time as those little dish scubbies that hold the dish soap are incredibly popular. Those of us who do a dish here or there, using the scubby do not NEED concentrated soap. In fact, it runs contrary to the process. You have to rinse rinse rinse rinse rinse. I know, I know: I should just fill up my sink and add my one measly little drop of soap and do my dishes that way. But I don't. I merely want the CHOICE of non-concentrated dish soap. Is that too much to ask? Are we not Americans? Let's have some paper towel and dish soap freedom, people!


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