Saturday, October 21, 2006

Cool Political Vid

Gettin' political here.

Check out this vid, called Take Back the Capitol!

The vid is part of a non-partisan political grass roots viral video. (What a mouthful.) Basically, people who have had enough coming together to voice their opinions in a way that can reach a mass audience.

Here are some stills:

The website describes the video as such: "A vibrant hip hop beat throbs to flash cuts of angry citizens voicing their dissent to the party in power. The camerawork is deft and the look sleek, with jolts of animation punctuating sound bites of disaffected voters speaking their minds. Dozens of man-in-the-street interviews build with increasing intensity toward an anthem-like crescendo."

The video is about 2 minutes in length, is interesting to watch, and makes a lot of good points about where we are headed as a country in the current climate.

I think it's amazing that this whole new medium exists for the everyday man to inexpensively voice his or her opinion. Perhaps real change is on the way? I, for one, hope so.


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