Sunday, October 29, 2006


We are a family of chocolate lovers. It is something we always have on hand. Kevin and I are primarily into dark chocolates, and we like the good stuff. We sometimes will also go for the average variety of chocolates. We will try almost any chocolate that looks good to us. We tend not to go for the fruit and chocolate combos. He is more into caramel and some nuts. I like truffles and mints. And we both like it just straight up. And fudge. Fudge is nice.

Thanks to the Belgians, I have an appreciation for chocolate and coffee. It's a great combination, especially living in the Pacific Northwest, where coffee if like a religion. Coffee-flavored chocolates are delightful, in my opinion.

My mom needs to have a variety assortment box of chocolates almost every week. I will ask her what she wants from the store (meaning "what do you want to eat for lunches, etc.") and she will say "chocolate". Oh dear.

We also seem to be passing this adoration on to our children. Caspian, 8, has been loving the chocolate for a while. Zane, 20 months, enjoys it as one of his favorite treats. And he really likes the good stuff, too. Connoisseurs. That's us.

I just discovered a site that offers "home fashioned chocolates made with fresh whipping cream and butter." I have not had them yet, but is certainly sounds and looks promising. The site is for Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolate. And they've been around a while: Since 1964. I'm proud to say, that's longer than I've been around. I imagine there's something to them. They even won "Best of State" in Utah in 2005.

They have a really great variety of chocolates. I love the Most Famous Chocolates selection as a gift idea. The site describes it as such: "To create this beautiful gift selection, we surveyed our customers to find their favorite chocolates, doubled each variety and now offer it as a 'you can't go wrong' special gift. " That might be a nice gift for Mom.

For me, I'd probably lean towards the Tantalizing Truffles. Mint, orange, almond, vanilla, peanut butter. Mmmmm. I think this post is going to be funny in the midst of my posts about my struggling with weight loss issues. Oh well, gotta live a little. I don't think I gain weight from writing about it (hope not!) Oh dear. They also have Fantastic Fudge. Again, Mom would love the Pecan Roll.

Ok, before I lose it, I will just give one last list of the different varieties available at this delectable site.

Here is the list in its entirety:
Traditional Chocolates
Famous Assortments
Nuts and Chews
Tantalizing Truffles
Chocolate Cremes
Pecan Cavaliers
Cherry Cordials
Crunchy Brittles
Roasted Nuts
Fantastic Fudges
Chocolate and Nuts
Sugarless Chocolates
Sandwich Mints

Happy shopping! This really was a labor of love.


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