Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wedding Reminscing

Allright, it's been a couple weeks since my 4th wedding anniversary, and I can't seem to stop reminscing about my wedding and my honeymoon. I really have to say that we had things exactly as we wanted them, which was amazing.

First of all, my wedding dress: I simply adored it. I opted away from the traditional and had a dress from my closet altered. It was a faux-vintage dress that never really seemed my style because of some flouncy little sleeves. When I had the sleeves taken off, voila! Grecian Goddess.

The wedding was specifically planned for the new moon in Libra, as the new moon is a time of beginnings and Libra is the sign of balance and partnership. Being ruled by Venus, there is also a lovely social quality about it, and I have to say our wedding showed these traits.

My wedding theme had to do with the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. It wasn't over the top, but it was present in the ceremony, the surroundings, and the gift I gave my new husband--a tatoo with an ambigram of these words.

Even thought we didn't do all the traditional wedding rituals, we did have fun with a few of them. I stayed overnight at a friend's house the night before and did not see Kevin until I walked down our "aisle". We had a fairly unconventional wedding ceremony which I wrote myself and was performed by my friend Jeff, newly ordained for the occasion. I was, however, adamant about one thing: there would be polkas, or my Polish ancestors would have haunted me. So, we did all bop around to a couple of polka cds I brought along for the purpose. Who Stole the Keishka? is a favorite still. And, of course we had a FABULOUS wedding cake, baked by my friend Erika. Then on to our favorite Mexican restaurant for family-style dinner for about 15. It was great.

All in all, a very memorable day.


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