Friday, October 13, 2006

Book Review: Go, Dog. Go!

Yesterday I heard my mom and Zane making believe that they were running into each other on the street, saying "hello", "how's the family?", all that stuff. It was funny, especially since Zane really is into only one-word-at-at-a-time still. But then he said something about a hat. I'm not sure I interpreted it right or not, but I remembered this book I got for Caspian that I'd read to Zane as well: Go, Dog. Go!

This was one of my favorite books, so when Caspian began to read, I couldn't help but buy it for him. It's an "I Can Read it All by Myself" book, like many of the Dr. Seuss books. In fact, I am confused by the fact that it seems just like a Dr. Seuss book, but isn't. I'm gonna search the author, P.D. Eastman. Ok, click his name for the dope on Eastman. We also love Are You My Mother?

Anyway, Zane is 19 months old, and this book REALLY held his attention. I realized it has all the things he's really into right now: dogs, trees, cars, "going" and prepositions. He just learned "up" and "down" and this book is great for those and many others. Plus, it's just fun.

Ok, the site with the info about Eastman also has a review of Go, Dog. Go!

Check it out!


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