Thursday, October 26, 2006

Lovely St. Lucia

I got interested in Petitioning the Saints earlier this week. I'd already had a little bit of success with working with Saints earlier in the year. When my mom was trying to sell her condo, she heard about how getting a statue of St. Joseph can help. It seemed slightly crazy, but it actually worked. The day she buried him in her yard, the people who bought the condo came to see it. Before then, there were really no buyers in sight.

We have a lot going on in our lives right now. My husband is looking for a job. We are both writers and have been doing some work from home as well. We've both been sick. I even lost my voice. When I started looking up saints in a website I found, I looked for saints who work with authors, hoping one could help my husband get some of his work published and perhaps ease our worries.

Someone had suggested St. Thomas Aquinas, but I had less than happy memories of him from college, so I decided to see what else was out there. A few saints came up, and I was drawn to St. Lucy. Now here is what's so cool. Turns out that in addition to writers, she is also the patron of sore throats, which I have had for about a week. She is also the patron of eye problems, which I also have. I have been drawn to the name Luke lately and it took me a bit to make the connection. And then the connection came that she is St. Lucia! And St. Lucia is the amazing island where I and my husband honeymooned. Plus, I have been talking about it a lot lately. So, that's all been coming together in a weird way. I just have to remember now to keep working with St. Lucia and see how she can help us.

Although I am no longer Catholic, I do believe that when souls pass over they can retain some of the knowledge and talents they had here, and perhaps even came here with those things. So, why wouldn't they specialize on "the other side". It reminds me of calling on the elements or your ancestors or the gods and goddesses of paganism, which I have all explored in the past. It is wonderful to me to see how even though we think we are all doing such different things, it really just is all ONE.

I wanted to post some photos of St. Lucia, the island, but it is not working (Mercury). Instead, you can to the site of Anse Chastanet, where we stayed while there. I hope St. Lucia blesses you as well.


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