Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Klassy Nails

I had an inside joke with myself (and, I suppose a few friends if they are reading this) in my last post about something being classy. Now, I really did think the font I referenced was classy. But the term classy has cracked me up for quite some time now. Honestly, it seems to me that if you use the term classy, by definition you are not. My favorite derivation is when you change the "c" to a "k" as in klassy.

There was a place where I used to live called Classy Nails that started all this musing on the word classy. To be fair, they were called Classy Nails, not Klassy Nails. However, it still makes me giggle. "I want some of dem dere CLASSY nails, Mabel. The ones with REAL rhinestones."


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