Saturday, October 28, 2006

Handy Household Hints

We just bought a new/old home in June. We're talking 1890 here. We tried to avoid that. We tried to buy something from the late 20th century, as we weren't ready to take on any remodeling projects, but we fell in love and ended up with the late 19th century. Oops. As you can imagine, even though our inspection was supposedly spotless, we have been facing more than a few home repairs.

My husband spent the summer doing DIY home makeover projects. Mostly painting, removing wallpaper, and hanging things in necessary places. Now we're just starting to get into the fun stuff. Recently, we found out we have a termite-infested fence. And just yesterday, we learned that our furnace is leaking noxious fumes that almost got our gas turned off. We were let off with a warning and have to get someone out here ASAP.

So, as you can see, there is a lot to do around here. And, being first-time homeowners, we have a lot to learn about home repair. That's why it's great to have online resources like The dream, of course, would be to win their $50,000 Extreme Home Makeover. Ahhh...what a dream.

But, if we aren't THAT lucky, they still have in-depth and useful articles in the following categories: automobile, carpentry and framing, cleaning, decks and porches, electrical, flooring and carpet, painting and refinishing, pest and rodent control, plumbing, safety, tools and gagdets, and yard and landscaping.

I'm going to have my husband check out the pest and rodent control and yard and landscaping for sure! I wonder if they can help me learn how to keep my stepson from wanting a hamster.


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