Monday, October 30, 2006

Ugh--Weigh In

I weighed in. Back up 2 pounds! Ugh, ugh, double ugh. I am having the biggest problem making it past this stupid 175 mark (back up to 177).

Guess if I would stick to the program, maybe I would do better. D'oh. This past week started well, but then I lost it. It seems that's the way I do it. Oh well, gotta just get back on the wagon. Need to write that goal on my wrist again.

I really didn't think I had done this poorly. Grrrr. I'm sure it's just PMS. Yeah, that's it. I'm sure Halloween will help. Maybe it was that Chocolate post I did. Maybe I DID gain weight from it. Ha ha ha. I crack myself up.

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But then, I took a bath later and weighed myself and was back DOWN those 2 lbs!!??!! Do I just have heavy clothes? My mom thinks my clothes could weigh two pounds, but I am skeptical. Oh yeah, Mercury is Retrograde. Yikes.


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