Monday, October 30, 2006

Organized Wisdom

There is a new site that is helping ordinary people take charge of their own health by encouraging them to share their health-related stories. We all learn important things about our bodies and ourselves as we move through life and accumulate experiences. Help others by sharing 1 piece of health wisdom at

The idea is that your share your wisdom and also have access to an A-Z Library of stories other people have shared. I like the empowering nature of this idea.

As stated on the site, their belief is that "online health information has become too complex. Too much information. Not enough collaboration. Our site is less cluttered than the others – intentionally. We pay enormous attention to the details and the overall experience."

I was a little surprised not to see some sort of disclaimer about stories/advice posted by nonprofessionals. Then, upon closer inspection, I see they already have a vast library of "doctor-reviewed content" and are now looking to expand the real life stories that go with that content. The combination of doctor-reviewed information and personal stories sounds like a good match, and the site itself is attractive in its simplicity.


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