Monday, October 16, 2006

Sick Baby Sucks

Ha ha ha...just my little double entendre to myself to try to make myself feel better about how much sleep I'm NOT getting. Zane was up multiple times all night. Nursing most times. Ha ha--sick baby sucks.

Yesterday afternoon he woke up from his nap with the crabbiest attitude I may have ever seen from him. It made me realize how lucky I really am. He is such a good boy generally. In fact, it almost made me rush him to the hospital for fear something was terribly wrong.

But, we went ahead with baths and snacks and milk and rest and trying to figure out what he wanted. Baths helped. And finally, Tylenol seemed to help. Ahhh...the old home remedies. We are thinking it must be teething. He did end up having a fever and still has one a little today. But he is acting mostly like himself, so it's ok.

He is such a "bo boy" as he says. LOL. We tell him he is a "good boy" and then he says "bo boy". And then when he does the same good thing later, he comes up to us and says "bo boy."


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