Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Blast Astrology Conference

Calling all students of astrology!

My friend Moses has been putting together a fabulous new conference, called The Blast.

This promises to be quite THE event. The website states: "Come see the brightest, up-and-coming astrologers (and some beloved veterans, too) present their most invaluable astrological methods. Keep reading to find out why this conference represents such a positive revolution for astrology." (You'll have to click the above link to keep reading.)

My favorite part of the marketing for this event is Moses' top 10 list.

The Top Ten Reasons to Come to The Blast ...
10) Sedona makes everything a lot more magical--inebriation completely optional.
9) You have the chance to see ALL 26 of our incredible speakers for over 24 hours of lectures and workshops. We think that's nicer than an event with 100 speakers when you only get to see a small number of them!
8) Five full days of lectures and activities. Most conferences (even the big ones) have the major events for four days. So there's no extra charge for pre- or post-conference workshops, and there will be three workshops for you to attend at the end of the conference.
7) Spending the conference in one hall together means no running around and stressing over what to do. It also creates a better sense of community, and you can keep looking at that cute guy/girl the whole time.
6) You haven't seen most of our speakers before, and they have an amazing level of experience and expertise. You'll hear tons of very practical and new information that you won't get anywhere else. We're going to make sure that happens.
5) When's the last time a conference took off half a day so everyone can hike through the red rocks together or visit ancient native american sites (or let you do your own thing in an amazing place)?
4) The perfect balance of speakers, from modern to ancient, from Western to Vedic, from Evolutionary Astrology to Locational Astrology, from Kepler students to international speakers. Hear the best from each tradition.
3) 10% of conference profits go to support charitable projects in India (where US dollars go much farther). And, as if that wasn't enough ... you get a free T-shirt!
2) LOTS of young people. LOTS of old people. You can't beat that!

And the #1 reason to come to The Blast ...1) It beats the crap out of sitting in front of your computer! (and you only live once, amigo)

LOVE it! Sounds awesome. Check it out!


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