Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Kitchen Appliances Guide

Well, we just moved in to a new/old house and redid our kitchen. But it may not be quite done yet. (And by "redid" I mean Kevin scraped and scraped and scraped and painted and painted and painted. I shopped online for cool chairs.)

I just found a pretty, pretty site where you can get all sorts of information on different kitchen appliances and good places to buy them online. This site has a Kitchen Appliance Guide that is really helpful to girls like me who are more comfortable in front of a computer screen than a stove. They have great tips for making selections of all kinds of applicances, including can openers, food processors, hand mixers and blenders, steam irons, juicers, kitchen scales, ice cream makers, electric kettles, and smoothie makers.

Since my family is big into smoothies, I was specifically interested in their section on smoothie makers. I liked this page because it had some tips for buying that I might not have thought about--like looking for anti-drip pouring tap and dishwasher safe parts. Because, really, with 2 boys, we have enough messes to clean up. The page also includes addtional helpful links like where to buy, brands and top models.

I just love having this sort of useful information at my fingertips!


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