Saturday, October 28, 2006

RAZZ: Mouth Off!

Ok, this thing is so funny. Heather and I had a good time messin' around with it last night. The RAZZ mixer is a flash-based app that lets users record their voice, upload background tracks, and mix in RAZZ sound effects to create personalized greetings and comments to be used on blogs, MySpace, etc.

This is the screen where you do most of your work:

This is what the player looks like:

This is the box that shows you the code you'll copy to put on your blog, MySpace, or wherever you want to share your creation:

I made one this morning. There are so many options. There are about a bazillion sound effects you can use, you can upload music, and record your own voice.
I had a little trouble recording my own voice (as you will hear), but I think that might be my own microphone's fault.

Here is the RAZZ I made:

Make your own Razz!

Here is one of their samples (from someone with a better microphone, obviously):

Make your own Razz!

Try the RAZZ Mixer Yourself


1 comment:

joe smoe said...

i laughed my ass off. The sound effects are epic. i used it to make a halloween mix, i sent it to my friends as a comment on thier myspace page.
I will use it from now on to harrass them. no one is safe.