Thursday, October 26, 2006

My Friend, Zach Braff

So, I've been pretty much in love with Zach Braff since I saw Garden State, perhaps one of the most fabulous movies ever. And an amazing soundtrack. In fact, after Zane was born, I had it in the cd player in my bedroom and we just listened to it over and over and over. Newborns spend a lot of time sleeping and nursing and we did it to the Garden State Soundtrack. Probably why he is basically a mellow kid.

Anyway, I bring all this up, because Zach is my friend on MySpace, and I check his blog occasionally. He's not a real regular writer, but he cracks me right up. Read this entry on Shark Fin Soup.

If you still can see The Last Kiss, you should go out and see it. It is not your average Hollywood-variety movie. It's very real and sometimes uncomfortable, but sweet and true. I highly recommend it. I know it may not be out everywhere right now, because it isn't anymore anywhere near me. So, maybe you have to wait to see it on DVD, but definitely worth a looksee. Also has an amazing soundtrack.

Check out the trailer:

Zach is uber-talented and also has great taste in music. Come, share my love of ZB.

(This post in no way takes away from the true love I share with my husband, Kevin Shamel.)


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