Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Rains Have Come to Olympia

That's all people ever said about Washington: rain, rain, rain, and more rain. And they said it in such a way that implied, "You'll be sorry you moved there." Well, they were WRONG. It has only rained a few times since we've been here.

My poor little baby is so averse to harsh sunlight, that he complains and says "bright" when it shines on him. His dad is about the same. We even heard some fellow Olympians complaining about the sun as they walked past our house one day. We must be a special breed.

Now, I know there hasn't been the normal amount of rain, but we've been WAITING for it! Our grass died, for heavens sakes.

Guess what? It's HERE!!! And I'm pretty sure we STILL won't be sorry we moved here. So there.

Wait, I'm nervous that maybe I am telling some Washington trade secret that keeps outsiders away. Never mind. It rains every darn day. It is so dreary and depressing. Oh why oh why did we move here?

The artsy shot

The shot where you can see how cloudy it is and Zane's cute new 2T jammies. That kid is just growing like a weed. The lack of rain hasn't hurt his growth.


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