Saturday, October 14, 2006

Holly Hunter is Funny as a Tough Guy

Just sitting here watching Holly Hunter in "A Life Less Ordinary". She's being tough. It's funny. She is like 4'7" or something. Ok, I think she may be taller. Let me see if I can find out how tall she is. She's 5'2". (Don't you love how you can find anything on the internet?) That's pretty shrimpy. I love that word. Thanks to my friend Michele on the word shrimpy. At any rate, with that height and a sweet little accent, when she's tough, it's funny. I think she was even wearing an eye patch in this movie. (Zane was running around and had to have milk and be put to bed, etc., etc., to I didn't really get to pay attention.)

And how about Holly Hunter in "Raising Arizona"? Holly Hunter as a cop. Also funny. Is there anything really to say about "Raising Arizona" that hasn't been said? It's one of Kevin's favorites. Classic.

I love It must be the whole Friday the 13th and being close to Halloween, but they had a lot of horror movies up. I don't get the appeal of horror movies. Ewwwww.

Anyway, back to Holly. She's pretty versatile. Quite an actress. I'm going to check out her body of work. As I suspected. Impressive.

So, there's my spotlight on Holly Hunter. Not too terribly intellectual. Sorry about that. I think I'm tired. But an ode to Holly, nonetheless.


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