Saturday, October 14, 2006

Poker Night for the Ladies

It seems poker is everywhere lately. Not too long ago, poker night conjured up an image of a few guys around a table, eating chips, drinking beer, smoking stogies, and if they were lucky, being waited on by "the little woman". (ha ha ha--did I just say that? Oh yes, I did!)

Well, that has all changed. Just recently I was invited to either a "hair highlighing night for the girls" or a "poker night for the girls". I've also been invited to "co-ed" poker evenings. I suppose that's always been popular with the strip poker crowd. I did once play strip yatzee with my husband, but that's a different story. Anyway, I digress.

There's also lots of celebrity poker going on and tournament poker championships, and let's not forget, I was just in Vegas, baby!

I wasn't really sure I was interested in poker. Not sure I'm a gaming kind of gal. But I do like some games. And poker and highlights sounds good. The problem, however is--I don't know how to play poker!

Luckily, I just found a handy little site and includes poker rules for all the most popular versions of the game. (The most popular version these days, I'm told, is Texas Hold 'Em.)

You can also try out your new skills at the site in real games with other people for fun or money. A good place to get ready for poker and highlighting, I would think. Or, I suppose, Vegas.


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