Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Zane's Halloween Interview

There will be more photos to come, but I thought I'd have fun with embedding one of my new favorite videos. This is me chatting with Zane on Halloween, before most of the action. He had two costumes: a puppy for around the house and a chicken for later. (The chicken costume was somewhat warm.) I wasn't sure he'd want to keep them on the whole time, but he definitely did. His new words "on" and "off" definitely came in handy.

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More pics to come!



Julie said...

Oh my god, that Halloween interview with Zane was so freakin' adorable!!!

Terri said...

Thanks Julie! (Is it wrong that whenever I meet a Julie or an Amy online, I immediately want to call them Jules or Aims? WHAT is with that? I guess I've known too many. But heck, we are FRIENDS and all.) :)