Sunday, October 08, 2006

Zane's Latest Tricks

Allright, it looks like I won't get a decent picture of me and Kevin on our anniversary or the next day and I'm not even sure about the next day (today). So, instead, I thought I'd give some Zane updates.

He is getting so big!


  • wears mostly 2T clothing now and some 3T.
  • weighs about 26 lbs. (he's sturdy)
  • has peed in the potty a few times. Woooo hooo!
  • is talking up a storm--don't ask me how many words. I'm not a counter, really.
  • has become "Doctor No"--not the 007 movie, but that is the word he says more than any other. This morning I heard him saying it a lot, only to hear my mother say, "Can you say 'yes'" and Zane's answer was "nooooooo." For the record, he CAN say "yes".
  • also signs a LOT of words. We looooove signing. Esp. Signing Time.
  • is in size 6 diapers
  • has picked his nose and eaten boogers. ewwww. We're trying to work on NOT doing that. However, he is also good at blowing his nose, which is nice.
  • now understands the concept of "2" as in 2 plates, 2 cookies, 2 squares of toilet paper. He wants 2 of everything, basically.
  • loves to "pick" things, especially from "up" on the counter with Daddy.

Pay no attention to all the margarita mix next to Kevin.


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