Sunday, October 15, 2006

Always, Part Deux--A Small Apology

Ok, I have learned that the Always website I linked to was specifically targeted towards girls. Not me. I have to say, there are some nice features on there. And if I could have gone to a website to learn about my period when I was 13--that would have been way better for me. The real website is here.

A lot of my previous post still applies. (I do still want the Red Tent. I still do NOT want to be told to have a happy period by a piece of paper stuck to my pad.) And just from a cursory glance, I do see that the site for girls might be giving out some hopeful, if possibly false information: ("If you’ve had your period for less than two years, chances are, it hasn’t become regular yet. But don’t worry – it will be soon. ") I know many full grown women, including myself, who do not have a super-regular cycle. But I think I knew what they mean. Like, rather than every 3 months, more or less every month.

So, in general, I applaud the site for what it is trying to do. And hey, it's a pretty sure bet that if you want to a find a place where just girls hang out--this would be it. And a place for teens to go to get real information--kudos.

Just don't tell me to be happy when I'm on the rag.


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