Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New Car

Well, he just had to have it. The last two things he just had to have were watermelon at the grocery store and cake at Starbucks. I have to say both the watermelon and the cake were two of the best things we've had in a long time.

So, since I broke his other bike yesterday (after Kevin told the 8 yr olds not to ride it--hey, I still maintain that I paid the $2 for that other bike and I had a right to ride it--uh, break it--if I wanted to), we decided he could have the car. See, we're not the completely indulgent spoiling-your-kids type of parents. AND, this car also teaches him stuff. The toy barons have realized that us parents today are such suckers for that.

This little thing was supposed to last him until 36 months but he is almost to big for it now! I guess he is wearing some 3T stuff already.

And dangit, the movie is NOT out on DVD yet. (Cars) Durrrrr. I thought he could ride around on it while we watched the movie and listened to the music. Not until 11/7, apparently. I hope he hasn't outgrown it by then.

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Anonymous said...

That scrunched up smile face looks JUST LIKE Matthew's scrunched up smile face on the potty... dare I assume it's the age??