Friday, October 13, 2006

Debby and the Termites

No, it's not a hip, new Olympia band. It's our neighbor out the window from my office, digging up the little buggers. Sorry for the screen picture.

Well, I was going to post a picture of a termite, but you can all thank me that I chose this picture of Debby instead (except maybe Debby won't thank me). Those termite pics made my hair stand on end. Debby and Kevin have been outside for two days now, dutifully ripping down our fence that has been harboring the nasty little bugs. Yucko. Apparently, when our house was sprayed as a term of our purchase, they decided to forego the fence. Hmmm...not so good. Debby is pretty sure she has found the whole freakin' nest. The bug dudes will be coming back, it seems. Here, for those of you who want to look at the yucky bugs.

So, now we are fenceless. The dynamic duo of Debby and Kevin are now plotting to erect a new wall from reclaimed concrete, as Kevin did at our last place in Milwaukee.

I think it makes him almost as happy as the the fact that BSG will be on in 20 minutes.


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