Monday, February 05, 2007

I'm a holdout

I'm a holdout in the land of sickos. So far. Wish me luck. I started to feel it last night. I really don't want to be sick. I've held out this long. At LEAST let me hold off until, oh say, Thursday. I'd rather just skip it altogether. C'mon Universe, help me bypass this illness. (I always think I'm going to, but I tend to just be the last pin to fall.)

Caspian added to his issues yesterday by a run-in with the cabinet:

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(To here Caspian talk about it without saying much, go here.)

Zane seems to be trying to be a holdout, too, by sleeping for like 3 hours yesterday afternoon. (His usual nap is 30-60 minutes.)

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Illness, go AWAY!



Jean-Luc Picard said...

I had a bad cold last week, so it caught me then for a few days.

Jules said...

I hope you don't get it! Owie Caspian, {{HUGS}}

Mel said... cute when they're sleeping.

And here's hoping you're missed by the ucky bug that's floating around!

Retta said...

well whatever it is you gave it to me! I have been all hiding under the blankets with a box of tissues all night. Yup, all your fault indeed.

Terri said...

Thanks everyone. So far so good. Maybe it's breastfeeding that is saving Zane and I? I hope so! Sorry 'retta! You need SLEEP! And I will try to stop cybertongue kissing you. Oh wait, I did not do that. This is not my fault. :)