Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Weird Hush Has Fallen Over my House

I guess it is Super Bowl Sunday. We are not sports fans. Kevin and Caspian are sick. Caspian has been camping in front of the upstairs TV most of the day. Kevin is sleeping in front of Ghost Hunters in the living room. It's kinda cute. I'm glad I didn't marry a sporto-jocko. It's a nice day in Olympia, but even my sweet little baby Zane has been sleeping for HOURS! I've gotten a lot of blogging done on my other blog. And I've been having some fun at Helium. Now I'm eating chips. Dangit. Dang chips. I need to just live alone for a couple months to lose this weight. I just wouldn't buy the stuff. Ok, last chip. Thank you for helping me stop the madness, readers. Thank you. Maybe I'll do a vid after this. How long can this sleeping thing last? Zane has awoken twice and nursed back to sleep. I have a feeling my sweet little one might be getting sick too. Wah. I think I'll try to snap a pic of him asleep. Those are always cute. Be right back. (I might wake him, but heck, it's 4:10 already!)


Had to use the flash. And I did wake him up. Oh well.

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