Sunday, February 04, 2007

Date a Millionaire

Oh, if only I were single. I do seriously enjoy all the dating shows and websites out there. And I do seriously think it's possibly a good way to meet someone if you are single. I suppose if I were still single it might not be so enjoyable, but I couldn't resist bringing a new one to your attention, especially if you are interested in Millionaire Dating.

This site really cuts to the quick. Their tagline is "find your sugar daddy today". Wow. People are getting so honest these days. I didn't actually think millionaires needed any help finding people to sugar daddy (can I use that as a verb?). But who knows. I'm sure there are recluse millionaires out there, and I suppose this site is a help to them. Not to mention all the people looking for sugar daddies (and sugar mommas, I imagine). And hey, how fun to pick out someone from a bunch of millionaire girlfriend/boyfriend hopefuls.

Joining is free and easy. If I were single, I'm not sure I could resist. I want all you single people to sign up and then comment back and let me know how it goes. I find this very curious. Go, check it out for me! (But, as always, BE SAFE!)


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