Sunday, February 04, 2007

Caspian's Grisly Reality

Caspian met an untimely rendez-vous with the corner of the cabinet today. Here is a slide show I made of his poor wound. As Michael Hutchence used to say, "Da da your hair." As I am fond of saying, "Caspian, you will be getting a haircut soon."

It had been a while since Caspian did a video confessional, so he also did one of those, talking about his experience. He tends to be a repeater during video confessionals. Listen closely to the beginning, and you should be able to hear Zane asking to see his video from yesterday, "Zane...Nakey". I don't intend to post that one here. It's a good one, though. ha ha. Heeeeeere's Caspian...


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