Saturday, February 17, 2007

Working is hard work

Yikes. I haven't been able to feed my blog addiction lately as much as I would like. I didn't even do my Weight Loss Wednesday meme. And I didnt even think about it until today!

Getting used to a new job and a new schedule is not easy (especially since I don't even have a set schedule yet). Other than that, it's going pretty well. I seem to be catching on. My boss seems to adore me. Today I didn't come home with a raging headache, at least (like I did yesterday). I think the 5 hour shift coupled with my 10 hours of sleep last night might have helped. Ha.

Yeah, so I don't even have any pictures to share from lately. Unless Kevin took some I don't know about. Ooooh, there are some cute ones. I'll have to get myself organized and show you what I've been missing around the house. Wah!

At least now when I tell Zane, "I love you." He says, "Love you, TOO, Mommy!" Awwwww!


1 comment:

Mel said...


Working IS hard work....I'm thinkin' that's why they call it work.

It'll get different.
Those first few weeks can be draining, though.

Hang in there!