Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Weight Loss Wednesday: No results

Here we are on Weightloss Wednesday again!

Well, I didn't weigh myself today. I know I am up. I was going to not weigh myself for a while. I was thinking of maybe going a month without weighing and focusing on other goals. Thinking more about my habits than what those numbers are telling me. My habits are not helping me.

I'm feeling a little disgusted with myself. Ok, I'm trying to put the feeling behind me, but I felt I should say it, since I'm feeling it. Now hopefully, I can let it go.

I'm working on visualizing myself at my goal.

I think it's really hard to lose weight when you are a mom. Especially if your kids are little and you have very little help. I love being a mom. I love my son so much. But, the things that I did before I was a mom are somewhat gone. I don't really read. I don't really go to movies. I do online stuff still, but it's hard. Heck, he just woke up and I have to go now. Anyway, I think I use food to pacify myself for the other things I miss. I need to find ways to bring back the other things instead of stuffing my face.

Gotta fly!



Crystal said...

It sure is hard once you are a mom!!! Best of luck with that second interview, I hope it goes well

GreenEyedGirl said...

Don't get too down on yourself. I had a bad week too!
Good luck with the job!

Terri said...

Thanks, Ladies!!!

Mel said...

There's moments when we set goals for ourselves.
Let them be moments--they don't have to dictate overall goal yaknow.
Keep trudging, Terri....some moments are just harder than others.

Terri said...

Thanks, Mel!!! :)

BellFitCoach said...

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