Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hangin' in there

Well, it's been a little hard getting used to this work thing. I had a decent enough week for a new job. At first, it was questionable whether they'd have enough hours for me. I might have had to commute. But, on my second day, someone else quit. Pretty cool, huh? I guess my Tarot cards led me in the right direction. I just hope I can start making enough money. That's the big concern right now.

Zane seems to be adjusting well. He is a little more possessive of me when I'm home and very excited when he gets to have Mommy milk for his nap instead of Daddy meditation techniques. Ha. Everyone else seems much more relieved that I am now the official breadwinner. Everyone but me, of course. Hrmph. So, everyone else gets to be relieved while I am mildly resentful. I guess I better drop it. But, I need to keep reminding them we're not out of the home stretch yet. I don't have my real schedule yet. I'm looking forward to having a set schedule, which I don't have right now. And we still need other streams of income, I believe. Has anyone else totally been screwed by 1099s this year? I'm still waiting on three of them. That's ridiculous. We could use the refund.

Caspian is really happy to be at Theater Camp for his midwinter break. We're pretty happy about it, too. Kevin has been doing his dad and doggie dad thing and also some writing and some healing work, but not much. We are now preparing for Zane's big birthday #2. Wooo hoo. He is talking more than ever, making little phrases and sentences, and even trying to get the right tense for things. Like just now, when he was climbing the chair behind me, fell off it, and said, "I fell." I better git. Just thought I'd do a little update. Everyone out there have a good day!


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