Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sicky Sickos

Remarkably, it seems we have been less sick this school year than in a long time. However, Caspian came down with this weird 2 hour illness the other night. He got sick, fevery, etc., took some medicine and was fine and went to school the next day. Then he got sick over the weekend again. And now Kevin has the same thing. Darn. We are 50% sickos here. I guess Kevin won't get that carnival together for my birthday on Tuesday. Yes, I just dropped the birthday hint. LOL. Let's see who's paying attention. Caspian also got a wound today. I'll have to get a pic and show it later. What is with these guys? I guess they are being guys.


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The Freelance Cynic said...

Strange, I used to get that illness on the way to school and then feel fine again the second I got home.

Seems to me your kids got their sciving tatics all wrong...