Thursday, February 22, 2007

More goings on while I work

Caspian has really been enjoying theater camp. I'm hoping it gets some of his melodrama out of his system rather than feed it. Pray for me. He has a big show tomorrow which I just happened to have off to attend.

Zane has been doing well at home with Kevin and my mom. He is very sweet and affectionate when I come home and tells me he is happy to see me. They went to the store yesterday and the pharmacist gave him a sticker. He was very excited about it being the same as a magnet I've had on the fridge for a while. (I love refrigerator magnets--but not too many. The right amount and the right mix and the right cuteness factor.) The funny thing is that Zane says that anything that is in any way the same is the "same size". He seems to think "samesize" is the word for "same". So cute. Cute. Cute. Cute. Here's the magnet with the sticker.

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