Sunday, February 04, 2007

Toddlers are cute

Zane has really been a lot of fun lately. He's been stringing more and more words together into sentences. "I ate it, Mommy!" was a recent one. I also enjoyed him running around saying "Luke hiffin' toes" It took me a bit before I realized he was saying "Luke sniffin' toes". (If you haven't been following along, Luke is our puppy, not some weirdo sniffing toes.)

Last night in bed he was asking if we could have cake. I said we would probably have some in a couple days for my birthday. He said, "Buy hum?" (Buy some?) I said, "Maybe. Or maybe Daddy will make it." He said, "Make it. I help Daddy." Awwww.

Today, in the grocery store, he just took out his binkie, looked at me and said, "You rock, Mommy!"

Here's another pic of his cuteness. Sorry it's kinda crappy. We never got that new camera. Dangit.

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Mel said...

Okay--maybe you think it's a crappy camera, but that sure is one cutie of a kiddo!

What kinda cake were we talking? LOL

Retta said...

Such a sweet little cutie :)

and now I want cake and it's your fault...