Saturday, February 10, 2007

Supahstar Saturday: Thoughts Out of My Head

My friend Colleen over at Geeky Speaky has a bunch of smart ideas about blog promotion. Her newest blog promotion baby is Supahstar Saturday It's too fun and brilliant NOT to participate. Each week, Colleen will feature a new Supahstar, and all of us who are participating will then also feature that Supahstar. To learn more about the meme, click the cool button below:

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Now, on to the Supahstar of the week. (See, it STARTS on Saturday, but you have all week to participate. I like that, Colleen. Thanks for the extra time.)

This week, we are bowing to the Supahstar that is Loretta. I dig Retta. I can call her that because she's my friend. She feels like much more of a Retta to me than a Loretta, mainly because she's unique and not 70 years old. Her blog is reflective of her varied interests.

First of all, she got to be the very first Supahstar because she designed the ultra-cool button. If you take a quick look at her sidebar, you'll know this girl's got some geek in her. But I love that. She knows cool things on line. Her blog is worth checking out.

She's got FOUR v. cute little boys. When I think I've had it with my two, thinking about Retta always makes me feel better. She has a cool laid-back style. I imagine she must.

One of my favorites of her recent posts has to be the camera tossing one. It seems indicative of her: technological, fun, a little wacky, and dare I say, dangerous? Ok, she's probably not dangerous, but I don't think I'd toss my camera in the air, no matter how much I hate it. (Me and my camera have a love/hate thing going on for many reasons.)

So, go on over and visit Loretta. She's got a touch of a messed-up circadian rhythm these days, so she'd be happy to stay up late and read your comments.


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Retta said...

Thank you for filling me with warm fuzzies for the day :)