Monday, February 05, 2007

Egypt Travel

When I think of travel destinations, Egypt probably wouldn't have come to mind first. After seeing some of these amazing photos, that might change. I'm sure that Kevin would love it. He is all about ancient civilizations and even considered being an archeologist at one point.

The photographs on this page are of the Sakara Pyramids. Near Cairo, these pyramids are said to have the very first pyramid every built and include the world's oldest stone structure. And the area is just beautiful. Check out these photos!



Mel said...


...pick me! In a heartbeat....*sigh*

I gave up a trip to the pyramids before we settled in to do a marriage.....what WAS I thinking?!?!


Terri said...

mmm. It is pretty, n'est ce pas? settled in "to do" a marriage. Sounds like fun! ha. Are you an aquarius or something?

Mel said...


A fiesty Libra. LOL