Monday, February 26, 2007

Why do I blog?

Dear Sweet Retta tagged me about a million years ago on this one. I'm supposed to come up with 5 reasons. I'll tell ya right now, I'm not tagging anyone. I'm such a rebel.

1. Heather talked me into it. She pressured me.
2. I stopped putting things in Zane's baby book earlier than most. This is my excuse.
3. It's fun and creative without being overly stressful.
4. It's the above and I still am making some money at it.
5. I've met some cool people this way.

Those are the reasons. Who am I tagging?

YOU! If you are reading this, go do this meme. Link back. Go on. Do it. Ha ha ha. Maybe #6 is that I get to be bossy and no one seems to care. (or no one reads it.)



Mel said...

Gosh...I'm going to have to give thought to the question.

I know why I started--I'm not sure it's why I continue though......

Retta said...

but, I'm reading it!?!?!? do I have to do it AGAINNNN lol

Terri said...

Go do it again, Retta. LOL. Ok, I guess you can have an out.

But Mel, go do it. hee hee. (There's #6 again.)

Anonymous said...

Claiming "TPTP" hahahahahaha..too pooped to participate!