Saturday, February 24, 2007

Throw out the freakin' hand soap already!

I don't really clip coupons. (I use some online ones.) I don't always look for the best deal. I'm not really a penny pincher. We waste money sometimes. We do crazy things.

But for some reason, I will leave the hand soap in my bathroom or kitchen for way too long because I feel the need to get every last drop of soap out of the container. It always irritates me, because then you never get enough soap. Or the pump falls over. But I never even realized I did that until today. I was doing it in my utility room, even though I had a brand new, better soap right next to it.

How much does hand soap cost? $3? $4? Maybe more for some really nice stuff. (We didn't have really nice stuff in there.) How much am I saving by using every last drop? Not much. Like I care. WHAT was I saving it for? Finally, when I realized my neurosis (and that I do it all the time), I just threw that thing out. I feel so free.



Retta said...

tag you're it! I tagged you for this 5 question thing neener neener go post 5 things LOL

Retta said...

and throw out that soap already geesh what are you waiting for!

Suni said...

NO! don't throw it out. drain it overnight into the next container :D

Mel said...

LOL Or--you can put water into the bit in the bottom to MAKE it come out, dangit!!


Why DO I do that?!

Terri said...

No Suni, I will NOT do such a crazy thing. I am ending the madness here. That .000001 I am losing by just throwing it out is worth the freedom I gain. :)

I've done the water thing, too, Mel. And then you just get yucky soapy water. Just throw it out! (Ha, and I was such an environmentalist once.)